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Monday, January 21, 2008


oniomania (O-nee-uh-MAY-nee-uh, MAYN-yuh) noun
Compulsive shopping; excessive, uncontrollable desire to buy things.
[From Latin, from Greek xnios (for sale), from onos (price) + -mania.]

Thankfully though I am still able to control myself. I must admit though that I had at some point, splurged on clothes and shoes. There were days in the past that I would have either new clothes or pair of shoes almost on a weekly basis. Ironically though, now that I have better pay, I have a better grasp of my spending habits. Well, I am still unreasonable at times like impulsively buying a Sony PSP as if it was a candy from the street side. Thankfully, I have never fallen into really bad credit. I rarely loan money from friends or from the bank. 90% of the time I pay my credit card bills (full amount) before due date.

The Shopaholic series of books made me realize the absurdity of spending on useless things. The books by Sophie Kinsella are easy to read and very entertaining. Shopaholics everywhere in the world can surely relate to Becky.

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JOY said...

Hi Ms. Ajero..Try to do the tag I have for's quiet cool and cute lol!its in my new post.Ciao!