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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

nth time in Viet Nam

I'm lying in bed, room 201 Liberty 1 Hotel in HCMC as I write..

I've been to a couple of countries in Asia - India, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Viet Nam. In all these countries, I love Viet Nam the most.

Below are reasons why:

1. Vietnamese cuisine is by far the best I've tasted.
I read sometime ago that Vietnamese cuisine is the original fusion. =D
I like it much better than Thai food which are generally more spicy. Curry foods from India and Indonesia are not my style.

2. Free wifi
This place is amazing. There is free wifi everywhere. As in literally everywhere. All the hotels have free wifi. Airports have free wifi - Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi. Coffee shops are likewise with free wifi. It may sound exaggerated but when one searches for wifi from any spot in Viet Nam, one can almost see at least three that's free.

3. Catholic churches
and pink at that!
Danang has a pink church and so does Ho Chi Minh. I'm even tempted to get married in the pink church here in Ho Chi Minh... hmmm? why not?

4. Kind taxi drivers
well not all of them are honest, but still they are generally more honest than those from back home. The taxis are also in much better shape than those from home.

5. currency
around here, I am a millionaire. The currency in this country is Vietnamese Dong, 16,000 VND = 1 USD. This means that when I have my $100 USD exchanged, I get a whopping $1.6 Million Dong. hahahaha. No joke.

6. quality silk and embroidered products at cheap prices

7. Vietnamese. They are the kindest and nicest. I like hanging out and working with them more than others.

1 comment:

JOY said...

Fabulous huh? Gosh I felt like going in Vietnam lol! Have you seen the vietnam rose,share it to me please:D.Anyway I have tag and award for you in my page. Just take a look. Bongga ka talaga!