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Monday, January 21, 2008

birthstone jewelry

My hunny and I celebrated our 10th year as a couple last year. I got him a Nokia N70 and he got me diamond earrings.

I seldom buy myself jewelry, so his gift was something I appreciated so much. At some point I fancied colorful accessories but decided to ditch them (well actually more like store them) when he got me these nice diamond earrings. He bought me the perfect size which I can wear everyday.

Anyway, my friend Joy's blog was about jewelry. Why wait for your man to buy you one when you can gift yourself what you fancy. hmmm. Oh girls and diamonds. They gravitate towards each other. Or rather girls generally just do..

I surfed the site Just Jewelry and my oh my instantly fell in love with the birthstone jewels. I liked them so much I want to have those which aren't even my own birthstone.. Hahahaha..

1 comment:

JOY said...

Oh 10 years anniv.last year? Belated Happy Anniversarry. Better late than never. I'm crazy too with those birthstone jewelry and even not my own bithtstone, duh! I wanna have it lol!