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Thursday, January 17, 2008

A new blog. A new life

It's a friday.
I'm in a low mood. My friend Joy who recently moved to Australia introduced me to blogging via blogger.
What the heck. Let me just give it a try.
Writing and blogging is therapeutic.
It gives you that same feeling when you unclutter your room or office and shred your old files.
You are left with a clean, well-organized desk, a well-organized room.. more space to put more clutter. And you look forward again to another shredder happy session.
Hmmm. Maybe a few cups of coffee would also go well with this session.

I think this blog deserves its name. Shredder Happy Mood.

This shall be my repository of thoughts, insights, observations, angsts, rants and ramblings.. maybe even pictures and images of my journeys.


1 comment:

JOY said...

Cool...genious ka talaga ate May. Looking forward with your next exciting posts.